Authentic sushi making set at home

Introducing a store where you can get the perfect cooking utensils for you. A store in Tsukiji that sells Japanese cooking utensils. Cooking and kitchen utensils store, Yamanoi Shoten.
We will do whatever you want – that is the motto of this store.

Here at Yamanoi Shoten(山野井商店), they solve the problems and frustrations of cooking by customizing the cookware to suit each customer’s usage. It’s not an exaggeration, you can really get the perfect cookware for you.

A wooden spatula to collect elbow grease from the bottom of the pan.
A sushi brush with short bristles to fit the width of a piece of sushi.
There is also a stainless steel tray colander that can be used for draining water and making soup stock.
These are just a few examples of the customization of cooking utensils based on user feedback.

This professional technique has been loved by Japanese chefs for a long time, and now even ordinary food connoisseurs go there. Among the many restaurants in Tsukiji, this is one of the most popular.

If you are having trouble choosing cooking utensils, you should consult with Yamanoi Shoten.

They will surely be able to give you advice and customize their products to suit your cooking skills and kitchen environment.


ご希望があれば、何でもやります─── そう、ここ山野井商店では調理中に感じる悩みや不満を、 一人ひとりの使い方に合わせて調理器具をカスタマイズすることによって解決しているのだ。 大袈裟ではなく、本当に自分にぴったりの調理器具が手に入るのだ。 鍋底のひじきをきれいに集められる木べら、 一貫の幅に合わせた毛の短い寿司刷毛、 水切りや出汁とりにも利用できる万能ステンレス盆ざるなど、 とにかく利用者の声を聞き、調理器具のカスタマイズを実現してきたのである。 このプロの御技は昔から日本の料理人に非常に愛されており、 今では一般の料理通も通うほど。 数ある築地のお店の中でも、大人気のお店だ。 調理器具選びに悩んだら、一度山野井商店に相談してみるといい。 きっと、あなたの調理技術やキッチン周りに合わせてアドバイスやカスタマイズをしてくれるだろう。