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Konnichiwa everyone! This is foodots. Japan. We are sharing Japanese cultures with the world. It would be more than happy if we can be of any small opportunities for making world better! In this video, we introduce HOW TO USE CHOPSTICKS! 1. Firstly, hold a chopstick like using a pencil. 2.The other one put into between your thumb and your index finger. 3.Support the lower one with your ring finger from below. 4.Support the upper one with your middle finger from below, and your index finger from above. 5.Move the top one, keep remain the lower one when you use. 6.Pick up food. Enjoy!Subscribe to our channel! Thank you very much! Arigato to you all 🙂 See you soon! Website Instagram https://www.instagram.com/foodots_japan/ ——— 世界を繋ぐ、「美味しい」の架け橋——— みなさんこんにちは!foodots.(フードッツ)です。 私たちは世界に日本の食文化を発信しております。 美味しい食体験を通じて、世界をつなげるため動画でマナーや文化について紹介しています。 このビデオでは、箸の使い方をご紹介! チャンネル登録もよろしくお願いいたします!