【Recipe】Delicious tofu Shiratama dumpling / Japanese DANGO!!

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In this video, we introduce how to cook “Tofu Shiratama Dampling”

01 Knead the ingredients of the white ball
02 Round to bite size
03 Boil for 4-5 minutes
04 After cooling with ice water, drain water
05 Mix the ingredients of Mitarashi bean paste
06 Cook over low heat until thick
07 Completed by mixing Mitarashi bean paste with dumplings

●INGREDIENTS of tofu Shiratama dumpling
・150g / 1 cup Shiratama powder
・150g / 2/3 cup tofu

●INGREDIENTS of Mitarashi bean paste
・30g / 2 tbsp sugar
・15ml / 1 tbsp soy sauce
・30ml / 1/8 cup water
・15g / 1 tbsp potato starch


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