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This is the service which a Japanese executive chef teaches you how to cook Japanese cuisine on the live video calling so you can cook and enjoy the real Japanese meal without going to the restaurant, just at your home. When you hold a party and an event, all of participants can join the cooking class at the same time via the screen. We would love to recommend this service to Youtubers all over the world as well.
Please use us as an opportunity for getting new followers and a high audience rating.

To the first guest

About online cooking experience
$ 3000 per 1 group
  • FOR WHATEVER…  Enjoy cooking  Get new recipe  Hold a party and event  Film your Youtube video
  • WITH WHOEVER…  Yourself  Family  Friends  Partner  Business partners
  • AT WHEREVER…  Your home  Event space  Outdoor  Kitchen Studio
Limited 2020

Unexperienced Online Cooking Service

Let’s have a meaningful time together. Finally, this online cooking service has just released. It would be an unprecedented experience ever. We have been done trial and error to complete a new style project for being the bridge between countries. It is also available to join as off-line too.

High skills for filming and cooking

Off-line service is also largely welcomed too. When you visit Japan, you can use the big kitchen space and the latest facility and computer equipment in Tokyo. It is suitable for filming YouTube videos and family video. Also, we can go to your country with an exclusive Japanese chef to teach how to cook Japanese meals. We would be glad to be flexible for any requests, please let us know your ideas and budget first.

Tokyo Sushi Premium live workshop‬

Venue: Toyosu Fish Market, Tsukiji fish market,  our Private Secret Kitchen in Tokyo

Japanese Food casual live workshop from Tokyo‬

Venue: Toyosu Fish Market, Tsukiji fish market,  our Private Secret Kitchen in Tokyo

Cooking lesson Real Japanese food live and culture workshop

Venue: Toyosu Fish Market, Tsukiji fish market,  our Private Secret Kitchen

Casual Japanese cooking lessons taught by an apprentice chef

Venue: Toyosu Fish Market, Tsukiji fish market,  our Private Secret Kitchen

Shooting scenery in Mongolia

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foodots. Experience

Online food Experience

Welcome to foodots. We have variety of online food experience services around Japan. We would love to be flexible for your requests so let us know your ideas. Please do not hesitate to ask us anything! Thank you very much.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

If you would like an online cooking experience, please contact us below.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Q1. How do I apply for a experience?

Online reservation is possible on this Page. You can use a credit card for payment. In addition, if you can contact us by e-mail Via Email , we will explain this experience and settlement in detail.

Q2. Can I make a reservation from the hotel where I stay?

Of course you can. Please kindly show our website to the hotel concierge. We will tell you details and prices through your concierge. We can speak Japanese and English. We are connected to many hotels in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Q3. Where is the venue?

Your venue for this online activity is at your home or where you can cook. We are online with you from the Tokyo cooking venue.

Q4. Is it possible to apply for a customized experience?

All of this experience depends on with your meeting(online meeting). If possible, please let us know your intention before making the payment. email.

Q5. Is cash settlement possible?

We basically only accept all bookings with online credit payments or Credit card payment by issuing invoice

Q6. Is a private tour possible?

Yes sure, it is possible. We support all arrangements, as well as dietary restrictions and allergies. If you have outstanding issue before booking, please contact us via email.
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