Konnichiwa! This is foodots.
Today, we would like to introduce the special meals for the end of dinner time in Japan.
It’s called SHIME. After enjoying sake and cuisine, Japanese people have one more last meal for the rest of the stomach space.

  According to the website, there is a ranking for meals as close.
  1 Rice in tea/soup:お茶漬け(Ochazuke)
  2 Ramen:ラーメン
  3 Parfait:パフェ
  4 Udon noodle:うどん
  5 Rice ball:おにぎり(Onigiri)
  6 Sushi:寿司
  7 Japanese stew:おでん(Oden)
 (Source: https://www.hotpepper.jp/ggs/trend/article/trend/20161206)
At the end of drinking, people who prefer something sweet tend to eat parfait, however, usually, Japanese people enjoy rice or noodles after party.

  At home, people have a hot pot for dinner with family. After eating vegetable and meat, (sometimes fish) in a hot pot, they don’t throw the soup away and use it for the last meal. Adding rice and raw egg (sometimes cheese too) then put a lid on it. After a couple of minutes, it’s done. Serve it in a bowl as much as you would like to eat and enjoy. Rice taste is deeper and delicious because of the broth from ingredients.

egg_menuEveryone keeps the stomach space for SHIME|http://nabe.moranbong.co.jp/information/detail/ranking_sime

From the point of view of a positioning, SHIME is not the main dish.
Always SHIME is eaten after the main meals.
It sounds like an extra score just before finishing the soccer game when it is 3-0. It has no big power.

However, sometimes SHIME would be a rememberable thing.
About 15 years ago, there was a YAKINIKU restaurant called “Big Mam” in Nakameguro, Tokyo.
Yakiniku is Japanese bbq and it is for lunch or dinner time.

A lady owner who is called “mama” by people had been ran this restaurant. It was a small space but always many regular customers visited. After enjoying Yakiniku, she asked “What would you like to have for SHIME? My recommendation is Tamagokake gohan”

Tamagokake gohan called TKG is a simple meal for breakfast in Japan. It is white steam rice with a raw egg in a bowl. It sounds awkward when you eat it at night because after eating yakiniku but TKG at big mam was very very popular.

An egg had beautiful color because it was from high-quality chicken so the taste was also different from normal eggs. Today, you can find a specific soy sauce for TKG at supermarkets but it was very new 15years ago.

“How amazing!!”

The dinner time was almost done but it’s overwhelmed at the end of time.
The taste of TKG after eating juicy Japanese bbq spread a good harmony in the mouth.
Even you’re full, you would love to finish a whole bowl.
Unfortunately, big mam was closed but most restaurants have their SHIME menu in Japan.
It’s not the leading part of dinner but it has a big power for making a good memory at the end of your day.

Please let us introduce recommended a mouth-filling soy sauce for TKG before introducing some good restaurants Tokyo.

Special soy sauce of truffle flavor for making TKG(tamagokake gohan)
Check it out!

It’s time to experience you’ve never done!
 ・Bulgogi restaurant KYOGYUSO in hanzomon「巨牛荘 半蔵門店」
SHIME:Udon noodles
It is very popular for foodie people who work in the TV business. The sauce for bulgogi was poured plenty. Special udon noodle in the soup of Ganjang and the oil of bulgogi is very delicious. If you like bulugogi, you can’t miss it!

・Meat teppanyaki restaurant TEPPAN HITSUZUJI in Kagurazaka「TEPPAN羊SUNRISE 神楽坂」
SHIME:Ramen with broth from
The freshness is the most important for keeping the quality of mutton and lamb. This store imports unrefrigerated meat directly from domestic and overseas. The course menu is recommended at this restaurant. Enjoy teppanyaki with many flavors such as wasabi, special Moroccan sauce, yuzu pepper, and grated daikon radish with ponzu sauce as the main meal. SHIME ramen made from the broth from mutton has a deep flavor.

  ・A customer group for a day KYORAKUTEI in Kagurazaka 「天ぷら 蕎楽亭(きょうらくてい)」
SHIME:Special menu
This restaurant specializing in tempura.
You can eat soba noodles or udon noodles with tempura at the end of the chef’s omakase course.
Mr. Hasegawa, the owner is the person who has warm hospitality.
Enjoy the conversation with him.

  ・It deserves the end of your day OTSU 「お通 新宿歌舞伎町店」
SHIME:The rice porridge
It opens for 24 hours in Shinjuku so you can visit after the party. There are not only zosui(rice porridge) but also many kinds of Japanese meals.
The zosui after drinking makes your stomach comfortable.

 ・The restaurant for sea urchin lovers UNIHOLIC in Roppongi
SHIME:UNI rice bowl
They use uni(sea urchin) imported from domestic and overseas. Mainly from Hokkaido area.
You can enjoy uni cuisine such as the rich uni on the juicy steak and uni rice bowl, etc… It’s the taste you can experience only in Japan.