Konnichiwa! This is foodots.
Today’s topic is YAKITORI which is a stick of grilled chicken.
Have you ever tried it before? Each part of chicken meat is cut by one-bite size so very easy to eat.
When you bite a piece of yakitori, the flavor and juiciness spread in your month. Chicken is given a taste to salt and it is very much with Japanese sake and beer.
Also, Yakitori is not a big size like a steak so you can try many flavors and part of meats as much as you would like. This is an attractive point of yakitori.

Enjoy many flavor yakitori at the same time

For people who eat usually a whole of chicken by grilling and deep fry, it might be a surprising thing that cooking each part of the meat with a wood stick.
Once people try yakitori, they become addicted and want to eat it n own country. However, yakitori is not famous and popular in another country yet. The reason is the difficulty of cooking
Cutting, seasoning, skewering ,and grilling. Looks very simple and easy, however, the professional skill is needed.

In Japan, there is a word for yakitori.; “Skewering for 3 years and grilling for the rest of life”
It’s showing how hard to get used to cooking delicious yakitori and be a master.

When a beginner impales rare meat on a wood stick, a piece of meat comes off from a stick very easily. Depending on the part of the meat, it’s different how to control the flame, and also dealing with sticks is difficult because of grilling many sticks at the same time.
Deep considering and professional skills are necessary for making delicious yakitori. Simple is the most beautiful but difficult to complete.
Unfortunately, “Everyone can make tasty yakitori!” is a wrong idea
Yakitori worths visiting a Japanese restaurant so we would love to introduce some recommended stores in Tokyo.
Before introducing, let us note that restaurants are the best for 3rd time yakitori because of these stores for people who are inured to eat yakitori.
If you visit these stores for first-yakitori in Japan, it sounds like driving Ferrari as your first purchase of a car. So let also us introduce a family car and compact car which means what’s suit for the first and second yakitori in Japan.

First of yakitori is the best at izakaya(居酒屋).
Izakaya is a Japanese restaurant & bar and you see many stores around most stations.
Yakitori in Izakaya is also very tasty and loved by all people. They enjoy yakitori with sake and beer for dinner after work and school. This is the most common image of yakitori in Japan.
Izakaya is a casual atmosphere place and used for people who catch up with friends a lot.

For the second yakitori, having yakitori at the counter seat. You can enjoy looking at how a master cooks it in front of you. It makes you feel like you are on the live streaming. Also, please enjoy the conversation with a master if you have a chance.
(We would love to introduce casual style Izakaya and yakitori restaurants another time.)

Now, it’s time to introduce restaurants for the 3rd stage.
It would be impressed taste and atmosphere more than you thought.
Please check these stores out in below.

・The most hard to book a seat in Japan: Artistic yakitori
A master is very particular about the sauce, kind of chicken ,and tree for making charcoal to grill chicken even how to touch and cut chicken without taking a time too.
Yakitori is for all seasons but you can feel it at this store.

Also, usually, Japanese sake is for enjoying yakitori and it’s just a side menu, however, you can enjoy a completely good balance between sake and chicken flavor at this store. Please feel the harmony of Sake and yakitori.
This is the representative yakitori store in Tokyo.

・Special poultry raising: Different top quality of the taste  
Chicken in poultry farming has been taken 1 year for growing while they are eating seasonal vegetables and grains.
The taste of meat is very succulent and the taste of eggs is also deeper and rich.
You can enjoy not only skewer-grilled but also delicious meals such as omelet and rice bowl.
16 焼鶏ひらこ 

・The best lunch in Ginza: One rice bowl for four tastes
This restaurant is particular about Chicken. They use high-class chicken called Hinai-jidori. This poultry industry is thriving in Akita prefecture located in northern Japan. The recommendation is a chicken-rice bow and the sauce is special. The traditional recipe has been passed more than for 20 years. You have 4 ways for enjoying it. 1)Without any toppings 2)With toppings 3)Put Hinai-jidori egg on rice 4)Pour chicken soup on rice. Just having soup is also nice.
44 比内地鶏専門店 銀座かしわ

・The best lunch in Shinjuku: Big part of juicy yakitori meat
 There is a restaurant around office buildings and residents in Shinjuku. It’s not a big space but customers just kept pouring into this restaurant.
During lunchtime, rice-bowl is popular. You can put skewer-grilled as much as you would like to eat on rice. When you order 4 sticks, green onion & chicken, leg, tender .and grilled chicken meatballs. Rice and these meats are totally much in your month.
266 とり仟

・KAISEKI cuisine with chicken: Seasonable vegetables and light Japanese meal We all are pleased if we can be of any help to you. Enjoy Japan. Thank you!